OFW Survey : a project for a subject

Hi, Everyone! I am Charibel Samorin. This is my first time making a blog and I am very much a beginner in blogging. So, I hope that you will bear with me.

Anyways, as part of our project in school (21st Century Literature), i would like to ask for help to all OFW  (Overseas Filipino Workers ) families out there. Please! Please!  I beg you! My grade is all in your hands! Thank you so much in advance! Love lots!

Just comment your answers in the comment boxes below!

Are you ready?  Here are the questions.


  1. Are the economic benefits of having an OFW family member worth the hardship of being separated from them for extended period of time?
  2. If you grew up in a household with an OFW family member, who was the chosen relative who shaped your childhood years?
  3. What important values did you learn from the relative raise you?
  4. What aspect of your life reflects his or her influence?

Expound your answers!

Thank you so much everyone and God Bless us all!